Welcome to J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC

The business was started in 1947 to carry out a wide range of building and civil engineering works.

Since then it has established a substantial presence in Central Scotland based on contracting and development experience in the construction of public works, shopping centres, offices, factories, warehouses and both local authority, registered social landlords and private housing.

J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC. was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1965.

To achieve consistent high quality and to maintain as much direct control as possible over its operations, it has always been the Company’s policy to employ its own operatives to carry out structural trades, finishing work and external works.

Only the true specialist trades such as Piling, Structural Steelwork and Mechanical and Electrical Services are sub-contracted.

Commercial Property

Commercial and Industrial developments carried out by the Group are self-financed and are retained for lease in the Group’s property portfolio which presently totals more than approximatly 90,000 sq m (1,000,000 sq ft) in the Central Belt and includes:-

  • Small industrial units from 90 to 550 sq m (1,000 to 6,000 sq ft)
  • Larger scale industrial units and bespoke design and build industrial units from 550 to 6,500 sq m (6,000 to 70,000 sq ft)
  • Office developments from 120 to 9,200 sq m (1,250 to 100,000 sq ft)
  • Serviced offices from 1 person to 8 person
  • Sites for future development.

There is an ongoing programme of property development and space for immediate entry is usually available.

Any enquiries relating to commercial or industrial property should be directed to our Leasing Department at 0131 336 2181 or by E-Mail.


Private Housing

J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC has been building private housing for sale since 1965. More than 1,750 houses have been built for private sale in the past 54 years and we are usually able to offer a range of flatted properties in Edinburgh.



J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC over the last 72 years has successfully completed numerous construction contracts and design and build contracts for many clients throughout east central Scotland.


Social Housing

J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC has established long standing relationships with many Housing Associations and other R.S.L’s to provide high quality social housing throughout east central Scotland.   This has been through construction contracts and design and build contracts.  We have also purchased development sites and obtained planning consents for residential use and sold these sites to our Housing Association partners and then built them by using a design and build contract.


Joint Ventures

J. Smart & Co. (Contractors) PLC has a number of joint venture projects where we set up joint venture companies with our partners to deliver the projects through site acquisition, planning process, design, construction, marketing, letting or sale and onward management stages.